August 02, 2022 5 min read

In this blog, we are going to take you to a series of some of our favourite picks from our collection, namely, Sirius, Twin, Jake, Delta, and Vervo. Wait, these are not just our favourites. Indeed, these are some of our bestselling backpacks that our customers love. So, we are writing this to let you know why our customers love these backpacks.
If you’re someone who is trying to get one and having a hard time choosing, we are here to help you.
Loaded with ergonomics, 90% water repellence, laptop-friendly, and value-for-money, what else do you need?


Well, Sirius is our best-selling backpack for a reason. SIRIUS, which has 22 different features, keep you organized and updated whenever & however necessary. Let's know more about this backpack!

  • Unlimited Storage

    That is what SIRIUS would give you with 45 litres of unmatched volume. The volume has been cleverly utilized with a laptop cradle that can fit devices up to 15.6 inches and a dedicated tablet sleeve. An internal bottle holder keeps your bottle safe from spill or theft.
    3 spacious Compartments, 6 Pockets.
    Sirius is packed with a detailed organizer for your stationery, ID cards, or any small knick-knack that needs safekeeping. You would not have to go around looking in your backpack again. Everything you require is right where you would expect it.

  • Built-in Rain Cover

    Sirius comes with a Built-In Rain Cover at the bottom of your backpack for sudden downpours, in addition to being made of water-repellent polyester fabric with a water repellence of up to 90%. You won’t know it’s there till you require it! No more fear of rainy days!

  • Ergonomics

    Sirius is equipped with Ergo-Grip Back straps and an Anti-Sweat cushioned lumbar support. This keeps you from fatiguing and sweating, even after long hours of carrying the backpack at full capacity. It is important to look for ergonomics when looking for a backpack, especially if you’re a daily commuter.

  • Bottom Protection System

    The Bottom Protection System has an elevated laptop cradle and studs to protect your laptop and devices from hitting the ground.

  • Hands-Free Travel

    The External USB port and Audio Jack charge your devices and leave you energetic as you enjoy some background music to your shuffle through the airport. A Slip-Through Trolley Handle Panel helps carry your backpack on your suitcase effortlessly. A hidden Anti-Theft pocket keeps your passport and other valuables safe and well within reach if you need them.



Have you ever felt like a different person on weekends and at work? The twin is here to match the mood!

  • 2-in-1

    With two different looks, the Twin is the only reversible bag you will find and need. The Twin also gives you ample options with four different colours, viz. black, grey, midnight blue, and navy blue.

  • Laptop Sleeve

    Form and function go hand in hand with the Twin. A dedicated laptop sleeve keeps your device cushioned and protected.

  • Ergonomics

    The Twin in both its avatars is comfortable to carry with our ERGO-GRIP back straps, which are designed to distribute weight evenly and keep the bag as close as possible to your back for maximum comfort.

  • Lightweight

    What could be better than a backpack that is not only reversible, but also light in weight? The Twin weighs just 600 grams, which makes the load highly economical.

  • Spacious & Organized

    The twin has quick access pockets on both sides for the things you require on the move and can be accessed without fumbling. The main compartment has uninterrupted volume for the stuff you need to carry.


  • 3-in-1

    The Jake Gym Duffel Pack is as versatile as you are. It can be carried in 3 ways to suit your style or mood: as a 1) backpack, a 2) duffel bag, or even as a 3) briefcase for easy hauling around.

  • Pocket-Friendly

    With a 31 Litre volume capacity that can be carried in 3 different styles, Jake is definitely a steal! Jake can be the most value-for-money multi-purpose gym backpack you've ever owned!

  • Shoe Compartment

    Jake also has a dedicated shoe compartment that allows you to keep your shoes, even those of size 11, separately to prevent the customary smell of the shoes from entering the bag. Bye-bye to that smelly compartment!

  • Multipurpose

    Whether you're a gym-rat or an enthusiastic trekker or planning a small day trip, give Jake any day.

  • Lightweight

    Like the Twin, Jake is also highly weight-effective and weighs just 560 gm. It can do wonders!


  • A space for everything!

    With a volume of 39 litres, Delta has plenty of space to keep all your essentials. A quick-access pocket for the stuff you want to keep at hand and a detailed organizer for the other tiny knick-knacks like stationery and keys, those you would not want to roam around in your bag!

  • Built-in Rain Cover

    Like Sirius, Delta also has an in-built rain cover in addition to its 90% water repellence. The elasticated circumference makes our rain protector easy to adjust to different sizes, giving it a snug fit and complete water protection. Now you can keep your pack dry and keep your worries away!

  • Free Multi-Purpose Pouch

    Use this Multi-Purpose Handy Pouch to house anything like your laptop charger or stationery like pens, pencils, or anything that does not fit elsewhere in your bag.

  • Hidden Internal Zippered Pocket

    The Organizer Compartment comes with an Internal Hidden Zippered Pocket that only you will know about! Don’t worry, your secret is safe with us!

  • Spacious & Organized

    The Delta is spacious and comes with 3 compartments and 3 easy-access pockets! This makes Delta office-friendly and in great demand.


  • Fits Everything

    With a volume capacity of 40 litres, Vervo literally fits everything!

  • OCD-Level Organizer

    If you are someone who wants every single item in your backpack organized, you can make your peace here! The main compartment has a zipped mesh pocket and can carry work or school files, documents, journals, clothes, and weekend essentials. The Vervo has a concealed elasticized bottle security system to hold a sipper bottle or umbrella. A zipped section with a small organizer to hold your boarding pass/passport, change, or similar items.

  • Built-in Rain Cover

    Like Sirius and Delta, Vervo also has an in-built rain cover in addition to its 90% water repellence. No more fear of sudden rain!

  • Built to last

    If you think Vervo isn’t life-long-lasting, then you are completely mistaken! Back straps and all weight-bearing stress points are bar-tacked for reinforcement and tested in a maximum loaded condition.

  • 2-Point Suspension System

    Ergonomically designed back straps are equipped with an elasticized 2-Point Suspension System to absorb up to 25% of their weight and distribute the load evenly.