May 19, 2022 4 min read

Through The Years—Our Product Evolution Journey

You may be wondering how we got started and how we stay relevant in the market by introducing new products on a regular basis.

How about going on a tour of our product journey over the years and getting to know our experience better?

Well, our main source of inspiration is you, our customers, so we try to make something that can be used in any weather.

Ours is a story that carries Mumbai’s heritage and entrepreneurial spirit. In the past, Harissons made horse-drawn carriages in India. Today, the company sells a wide range of products, including luggage, sports bags, duffel bags, backpacks, school bags, college bags, messenger bags, office bags, handbags, pouches, and more.

Our Product Journey

1892 - Birth of HSS-Horse Carriage Equipment

Established in 1892, we were among the few horse carriage equipment manufacturers in India.

Inspired by a traveler who visited us to repair his bags, our founder Mr. Shashikant set out to design a travelling companion - bag that is Functional, Innovative, Reliable and Ergonomically designed.

1931 - Sole Supplier of Blazer Fabric to the Indian Army

We created a tough but stylish fabric that the officers loved, and that let us become the exclusive supplier of blazer fabric to the Indian army. Ever since we have been evolving and growing!

1949 - PVC and Rexine Fabrics and Household Products

We introduced PVC and Rexine fabrics to our collection in 1949. We used this fabric to add to the water repellency and durability! In the same year, we also introduced household products to our collection.

1959 - Birth of Harissons – Travel Gear and Accessories

Well, we started with our travel gear and accessories way back in 1959. With this birth, we began to be known as a travel gear manufacturing company. Travelling has always been something close to our hearts!

Until today, we thrive on achieving new heights each day and become the top travel gear manufacturing company in Asia.

1965 - We launched our first collection of school bags.

There's a first time for everything, right? Well, at Harissons, we launched our first collection of school bags in 1965, a few years after launching our travel gear and accessories. The very launch of our school bags calls for scalability of our products. This was our genesis for adding different varieties of backpacks year after year.

1969 - Started our collection of tote bags

We at Harissons constantly work on meeting the ever increasing needs of our valued customers. Over the years, we have worked hard on improving our bags and adding new categories of products. So, in the year 1969, we launched our collection of tote bags. This was indeed our first product exclusively for women, apart from the unisex bags that we had already launched. This very collection of tote bags makes our brand a one-stop solution for all your bag needs.

1980 - Started supplying to renowned retailers in Mumbai

The year 1980 marks our increased presence in the city. We started supplying our bags to renowned retailers in Mumbai. This not only contributes to our ever increasing growth, but also made Harissons one of the most promising bag manufacturers in the state. The rise in the demand for our bags paves our way to going beyond Maharashtra!

1990 - Pan-India Presence

 By 1990, we had gone far and beyond Maharashtra! We started supplying to our neighboring states, namely, Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh. At this time, our goal was to only go further and increase our presence pan-India. 

2001-Launched our first Duffel Trolley

With the launch of Duffel Trolley, we had emerged as one of the favorite brands for travel gear and travel accessories. Our bags are made of high quality polyester with a water repellency of 90%. They are the most preferred by travel enthusiasts due to their durability, functionality, and reliability.

2003 - Launched our first laptop backpack

Sometimes, we take our mission way too seriously! That very F.I.R.E. was responsible for launching our very first laptop backpack in 2003. A backpack that was functional, innovative, reliable, and ergonomically designed. We're proud to tell you that we’re among the nation's first to bring laptop backpacks to the market. Today, almost all of our backpacks are laptop-friendly.

2011 - Started selling on E-Commerce

So, we start early in developing our online presence! Started with our very own website in 2011, we quickly emerged as one of the most well-known backpack sites in the country.

In addition to our own website, today we partnered with online shopping giants like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra and many more!

2018 - Presented in over 800 high-end retailers Pan-India

In 2018, we made our presence in over 800 premium retailers pan-India. At that time, we were on our way to becoming India’s leading backpack manufacturing company.

2021 - Over 20,000 pincodes and a global presence through e-commerce

In 2022, we are available in over 20,000 pin codes in India (through our website). and a global presence in the USA, the Middle East, Mauritius, the Philippines, and many other countries. 

We are known for working constantly to make our customers' professional lives and travel lives easier. Our product portfolio is not limited to backpacks and duffle bags. Today, our product line is so big that we are one of the most popular brands for travel, gym, and office needs. We added travel kits, accessories, and smart organizers to our line as well.