June 14, 2023 3 min read

College students have it hard. The daily commute in the sweltering heat. The classroom commotion. Pressure to perform well in class. The fight to land the best internships and jobs. And the struggle to look good while doing it all. 

And through the college warrior's journey, the trusty backpack is their only trusted companion. It holds safe all the essential items they need to grind it out in class and win in the end. 

But have you ever wondered what items should your college laptop bag ideally hold? Here's a list of 5 daily essentials that should be a part of every college student's backpack.

1. Charger and power bank

In a youth-driven world governed by smartphones, where social media makes or breaks trends, and good memories are juxtaposed by good photos, you need your phone on you at all times. But what if it runs out of juice just as you're about to reply to your crush's story on Instagram? 

Not packing a charger, for when you have access to a plug point, and a power bank, for when you're on the go, can prove socially fatal. 

Lucky for you,Dexter, our vintage laptop bag comes with an in-built USB charging port allowing you to charge your phone whenever you want. 

2. Sanitizer and wipes

Covid-19 might not be the imminent threat it used to be but you can never be too careful. Packing a small travel-friendly sanitizer, a couple of masks, and anti-bacterial wet wipes will not only keep you safe but also others around you. 

P.S. Not to forget, the wipes come in plenty handy to keep sweat at bay during the petrifying Indian heat.

3. Deodorant and perfume 

Any gentleman worth their salt knows that smelling good, even when in class, is key to setting a good first impression. With the sun beating down on you and public transport doing you no favours, keeping a deodorant and perfume at hand will help you smell good.

The deodorant is perfect to keep sweaty body odour at bay while a good perfume will keep you smelling good for long.

4. Sunglasses

Have you ever left your house without your sunglasses on? 

No, right? 

But isn't it cumbersome to store the shades in a large box that takes up half your already-cramped bag space? Or to stuff it in your tight jeans pocket where you risk snapping it in two? 

That's whyDexter has an easy-access pocket right at the front where your sunglasses will remain safe and within reach. 

5. Earpods

You're a music fanatic. Whether it's rocking to some good old Billy Joel or headbanging to ACDC or just plain humming to blues, music runs in your blood. But how do you make sure that your music experience is never compromised? For that you'll need your trusty earbuds or headphones with you at all times. 

Keep them safely in an inner pocket so that your rough and tumble lifestyle won't damage them. 

While these are just 5 items, you simply can't survive college without them in your college laptop bag. And you can't survive college without a bag that can pack all of this and more. Check  Dexter out here and you'll see why it's the best college backpack you can buy today.