December 11, 2021 2 min read

The Best Of Our Executive Backpacks

We do not play favourites at Harissons! With a wide range of executive backpacks, we do not need to. There is a perfect bag for every office-going woman and man. But here are the ones you have shown all the love, our bestsellers!




  • Vervo


The best of the best! Vevo's Harissons gives other office backpacks a run for their money! With 40 litres of volume, it has a pocket for everything. Three main compartments and a quick access front pocket for all that needs carrying, giving the user the flexibility to pack what they need and retrieve them when they need it. But would it not hurt lugging around 40 litres of office paraphernalia? If you own other backpacks, yes! Not with the Vervo. Vervo comes equipped to take care of your back and shoulders with ERGO-GRIP shoulder straps. Add a concealable rain protector. This is the office backpack you are looking for.

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  • BPLT Star


Is the Vervo a little too big for you? Do you need an office backpack that does all that but a little less? Many of our customers share the same feeling. That makes the BPLT star, a star office backpack. 28 litres of volume makes for a compact backpack. Albeit with the Harissons design the BPLT can hold more than it shows! Including a 15.6 inch laptop of course.

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  • Azarro


There should be something in the middle though, Azarro fills the gap perfectly. This office backpack is for anyone who needs the best of both worlds! Flexibility to carry everything you need and be compact. The proprietary ERGO-GRIP backpack features on the Azzaro too for all-day comfort. The Azzaro fits a laptop up to 17 inches and keeps them protected.

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We have a wide variety of backpacks and there is a perfect office backpack for everyone. It might be one of these three and if not go ahead, find yours!