November 22, 2021 2 min read

How To Be More Productive 

More often than not, we have been here. Lost in our thoughts, zoned out, and incapacitated to get any work done! No matter who is on your head or high the priority of the task. You watch Netflix and stress about your work while getting nothing done. What a mess! Here are some tips to help you be more productive even on the days you do not feel like it.


  • Decide on day zero!


This might sound like a cliché but plan your tomorrow. Pick out your outfits the night before, choose what you're going to have for breakfast and what needs to get done. The human mind is capable of making only so many decisions in a day. Deciding on the trivial things a day before can set you up for a smooth effortless start to your day and get work and decisions done faster.


  • Hard things come first


Get the hardest tasks done first! It gives you a strong sense of accomplishment and confidence and leaves you with ample time to get the smaller things done. Try not to get too fixated on things of low priority and take frequent 5 minutes break to keep your brain working at peak efficiency


  • Sleep


Yes, sleep is a big part of the productivity equation. Ever wondered why you loathe Monday morning? It's not because of the day itself but more so because of the bad sleep, you had last night. Revenge insomnia is a real thing and you end up staying awake longer on Sundays to get back your sense of control. Rather if you would sleep in on time and get a good 7 hour sleep your mind would be ready to go and Monday would not seem as dreadful.


  • Organize, organize, and organize!


Get your work tools ready and in place. Planning and packing them at the right places can help you flow seamlessly with your tasks rather than fumbling around looking for the things you need. Get yourself a hard case organizer or a detailed organizer from Harissons and watch save up to 1 hour in your day that you spend looking for the right thing.

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