October 29, 2021 2 min read

How To Pack Your Bag!

Well here is a blog you thought you might never read? Do we need a blog to tell us how to do a thing that we have been doing for the past twenty years or more? Maybe for school or office or even for a college trip.
This is not going to be a revelation! Just a method to the madness to improve your backpacking experience!


  • Roll don’t fold!

We all have packed our clothes meticulously in our bags! Make sure the folds are right along the creases, and they don’t mess up. Some may even just throw in a t-shirt! Why bother with the folding. The better way is to roll your clothes like your favourite burrito! They occupy much less space and do not crease!

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  • Plan and Pack

Not just for the trip but logically keep your things in your backpack to prevent future headaches! Ever needed a thing at the airport only to find out it is buried deep in your backpack and now you have to go digging? Well to avoid this sequence your things with the least needed going in first! Plus pack consciously rather than throwing everything in. this creates a mental map of where everything is in your backpack making it easier to access. SIRIUS backpack from Harrisons can help you with that, deep pockets and detailed organizers give you the right place for each thing


  • Right place Right thing!

Get a Hard case organizer for everything electronic. We have not needed it till now but most of us have experienced the pain of a damaged charger or broken headphone in your backpack. Get yourself a hard case organizer! It is a thing you thought never needed but once you have it you will question yourself as to why you did not buy this earlier!

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