October 11, 2021 2 min read

How To Commute To The Office!

For all the bikers out there I know the topic might seem a bit redundant! But hear me out before you hurt your ego. We as bikers have a lot of confidence in our abilities and the daily task of commuting to the office and back might seem as easy as brushing your teeth in the morning or dressing up or packing your bags. But! There is a way to do it and there is a right way to do it! Remember the YouTube tutorial you saw of brushing your teeth the right way and your mind was blown! This blog aims to do the same. Let's crack on then!


1.Pre-ride checks!

Your ride starts before your bike does! Monthly health check-ups of your bike will keep you on the road and not parked on the roadside. Check your eye levels, visually inspect your tires and brakes! Some basic checks go a long way. And more importantly, choose the right backpack! You would be riding with your backpack for an average of 2 hours a day. SIRIUS and some other backpacks from Harissons have been designed to carry everything you need while keeping you comfortable and cool on the bike. This gives you enough room to be more agile on your bike and hence safer!

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2.The Ride!

Huff, now we are finally on road! Hair blowing through your helmeted hair and enjoying the ride. A well-fitting ergonomic backpack will give you mobility and maneuverability that is important for safe riding. The SIRIUS backpack sits close to your back with its ERGO-GRIP shoulder straps and makes even the heaviest of weights feel light. What happens when the rain rolls in? for safe riding keep your helmet visor slightly cracked open to avoid fogging. Maintain more distance from the vehicles to keep a margin for error and make your inputs on throttle and brakes more gradual! Don't worry about your laptop and other valuables! SIRIUS comes with an integrated rain pouch that you can quickly pull over and voila your backpack and its content are safe from the rain!


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3.Post Ride

Park your bike at a designated place, swing your leg over, and don't think about your backpack snagging onto any parts of the bike, if you have a Harissons Bag. They are designed to keep all loose straps in check, which do not tangle or interfere. If you have any other backpack, well we can just wish you safe riding!


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