July 06, 2023 2 min read

Settling the briefcase vs backpack debate once and for all

No question has been more radically divisive for office-going men than this one. It has created bonds, destroyed friendships, uprooted all camaraderie and created factions amongst professionals like none other. 

The backpack vs briefcase debate has left quite a few casualties in its wake. And as controversial as the question is, we're here to settle the debate once and for all. 

So, let's dive in. 

When should you choose the backpack? 

This is the side of practicality. Backpacks don't just have much more space, they're also hands free. The shoulder straps perfectly balance the weight on your back, leaving your hands free to hold your Starbucks Pour-Over you drink daily during your morning commute. 

But is that all? Not really. 

Backpacks exude a more youthful appeal. With the right combination of colour and design, you can fit right in with the office-going crowd and also stand out. 

Most professionals will suggest holding onto some semblance of professionalism and sticking to neutral colours and plain designs. 

Fortunately, we've got just the office backpack for you. 

Sirius - Office Laptop Bag

Sirius is a Harissons Bags bestseller and for good reason. 

With a spacious 45L in the boot, this bag comes fully equipped with functional features that'll make your daily commute easy. It can accommodate a 15.6 inch laptop along with an iPad too. With an external USB port to charge your phone, detailed organizer in the front, quick access pockets on the side, and built-in rain cover to make it waterproof, Sirius guarantees more productivity and less time spent fiddling with your backpack. 

You cancheck out the backpack and its 22 features here

When should you choose the briefcase? 

This is the side of elite professionalism. A staple in the executive class, the briefcase adds a layer of suave class to your office persona. But there's so much more than that to the briefcase. 

Briefcases are carried in your hands and not on your back. This keeps it from creasing your precious blazer. A crumpled blazer or shirt can be a major faux pax in a suit-and-tie office setting. 

Moreover, the briefcase, by virtue of its sturdy, long, flat design, will keep all your important documents in pristine condition. 

Lastly, can you even imagine yourself in a smart grey suit wearing a backpack? Doesn't exactly cut a neat image, does it? 

Orion - Vintage Vegan Leather Briefcase 

Briefcases are known to be organized and with Premier, there can be no doubt at all. It comes with an inbuilt organizer and a solid separation between the laptop sleeve and the file compartment. It's made with premium vegan leather,a matte finish, and double padded grips. Not only are there quick access pockets for your essentials, but also shoulder straps for when you want to go hands-free. 

You cancheck out Orion here to class up your office act. 

The bottom line to this debate is that both the bags have their pros and cons. Backpacks have more space, freedom, and style while briefcases command authority, look professional, and provide better accessibility. As long as you're making the right choice for your situation, there's no wrong.