Anti Theft Backpacks

Anti Theft Backpacks

Anti Theft Backpack India

A Quick Weekend Getaway is a desire for most of the people living in Urban areas. People think of a Beautiful sea near the seashore, the water falling over the rocks and into a pool leaving you in a mist of freshness or a top view from any cliff of a mountain.

Well there's nothing wrong with those desires, what most people don't think is the safety of their belongings i.e. your wallet, mobile phone, laptop or even passport.

The world isn't kind enough to let you have it all. There are many people out there who's eyes are always on your backpack.

That is when an Anti Theft Backpack comes in to the play. These bags protect your desire of having a fun trip by keeping the thieves at the bay.

Now, you can travel any place you like without any bumper of getting your valuables being stolen and hence allowing you to enjoy the outdoors and create some memories.

But what does the best Anti Theft Backpack in India look like? Which one should you buy? The best answer to this query to check The Backpacks features.

  • Laptop Backpack

Carrying a Laptop has become a must for an urban office goer. Hence, if you carry a laptop then you must first check if the bag has a laptop compartment or not.

The laptop compartment also comes with different options. Some Laptop accommodates a laptop up to 14 inch, where as other backpacks may accommodate a laptop sized 15.6 inch.

Hence, it is important to check the type of laptop bag before making a purchase.

Also, commuting is hectic in these areas due to its crowded nature.

Because there is a lot of people commuting there is also a high chance that your laptop receives some damage.

Therefore, it is critical to ensure that your Anti Theft Laptop Backpack not only has a laptop compartment but it also has a high quality padded layer to safeguard the laptop.

  • Does it have a USB Port?

This is where it gets amazing. We live in a digital world now and hence keeping the charging up of your device is a must.

Most of the backpacks have this basic features like a laptop compartment but the Backpacks that stand out are the one's that provide exceptional features and affordable price, they have a USB charging port and we at Harissons Bags are known to provide value to the customers at an affordable price.

Using the charging port is simple, use the USB cable that is provided inside the backpack and plug in your power bank, then use another USB cable and plug it on the outside port that would be on the straps and you're ready to rock.

  • Is it Water Resistant?

When you carry a Laptop Backpack you need to make sure your belongings are safe from water. The Backpack should be water resistant or at least it should come with a Rain Cover.

Now, there is a difference between a waterproof backpack and a water resistant backpack. A water proof backpack guarantees that water would not enter a backpack at all. Whereas, a Water Resistant Backpack resist the penetration of water to some degree.

Do you need waterproof backpack or a water resistant backpack? It depends- If you would also like to go on a hiking so yes you do need a Water Resistant Backpack. But if you just need it for your daily commuting chores then a water resistant backpack would work just fine

Therefore it is advisable to make sure the type of backpack you would be buying

  • Strong Padded Shoulder Straps

What is the main backbone of a Backpack? It is the shoulder strap. The straps are the one that carry the weight of your backpack and no doubt you need to choose the straps that are durable and strong

Most of the traditional shoulder straps break or the stitching comes off. Therefore it is essential to not only check for the Anti Theft Bag in India but also check if they have strong shoulder straps or no.

  • Is it a Lightweight Backpack

We all carry a lot of stuff in our backpacks from water bottles and lunch box to our tech gadgets i.e Laptop and Power Bank.

These things already increases a lot of weight in the bag so hence we have to make sure that the backpack we would be getting for ourselves are lighter and easier to carry

There are some backpacks that weight too much and hence it results in hurting our back and shoulders. Harissons Bags being the innovative brand that it is makes sure that you are relieved of these issues and offer an Anti Theft Bag that is light in weight.

  • Sturdy Zipper Pockets

A backpack consists of Multiple Pockets with Multiple Compartments and to ensure that it lasts longer it has to have a strong zippers

Traditional Backpacks get worn out too easily as in the zippers get rusty or in some cases just break. To ensure your belongings are safe and for the long term use of the backpack it is essential to ensure that the backpack has strong zippers

Not only does it need to have zippers sturdy for the main compartment but also in side pockets, hidden pockets etc.

  • Key chain holder

There are a lot of traditional backpacks that do not have this feature. There are some people who choose to commute in public transport and some love to commute in their private vehicle (Car or Bike)

Hence this feature allows you to safely store your car or bike keys and get access to it as and when required.

Checkout Sirius to enjoy this feature

  • Bottom Stud

This feature has picked up trend in recent times. This feature protects a backpack to avoid getting dirty when put on the floor

We at Harissons make sure we do our best to be the first mover or a quick learner