November 27, 2019 5 min read

What is more sexy? Backpacks or Messenger Bags?

There are different varieties of Bags out there. They come in different sizes and shapes. So how do you know which bag is best for you? Confused? Don’t worry will be solving that issue for you here! So there are various considerations between backpacks and messenger bags for men and laptop messenger bags for women.

Is a backpack or a messenger right for you? The answer is - It Depends!

In General backpacks or everyday bag are seen as a bit more casual and can be used as wear and tear and are often used in more utilitarian occasions. Whereas the messenger bags or sling bags are generally associated with briefcases and therefore messengers are seen as a bit more formal and used in professional situations.

Another general rule is that the best messenger bags are looked as being a bit more oriented towards style and fashion. However, there are several more styles of backpacks today that aren't your typical school backpack with that old school backpack look.

If you are in college, you could kind of go either way messenger or a backpack. If you are hauling a lot of books, maybe you still want the functionality of a backpack. And if you want to look a bit more stylish and are carrying less, go for the messenger bag.

You'll also want to consider the material of the bag. There are various types of material available when opting for a bag. There is Polyester, PU Coated, Canvas, and Leather just to name a few.

 A leather messenger bag or a heavy canvas messenger or backpack are going to last you a long time. Since you could potentially use the bag every day, this is an item worth investing it - similar to shoes.

To find out more about the topic checkout the pro’s and con to make a better decision

Advantages of carrying a Backpack

Easy hauling –

Unlike Messengers, Backpacks are easier to haul around with. Imagine a scenario, if there is a crowded place, For E.g. - In Metro, what would be more convenient to carry around? Backpack or a Messenger? Answer is pretty clear. A Backpack! It saves time and energy when compared to messengers which requires dragging.

They are multi-purpose –

Backpacks can be used for backpacking (Obviously). Got a lecture at 8 am? Planning a short trip? Meeting at 2? No worries! A backpack can be taken to almost everywhere unlike the messenger bags. Just put it on and you’re set to roll through the day.

Time efficient –

Time is money and we all know how valuable it is to us. If you're in a rush then you need to have your hands free and therefore you don't want to be pulling a suitcase behind you or have a shoulder strap bag preventing you from moving quickly. There are Well-organized compartments can mean that packing is straightforward and also allow you to know exactly where all your belongings are when you need to find them quickly. 


Disadvantages of carrying a Backpack

They make your Back Sweaty –

One of the biggest reasons of having or owning a backpack is that they can actually make your back sweaty. Now this depends on various factors. It may cause due to a warm or sunny weather and also on the type of clothing. Unless you’re heading home backpack must be avoided during certain times of the day

Health issues –

Remember that quote? Too much of anything is bad? Well this holds very much true in this case. If you carry a backpack that is light then there’s no issues on your health but if you carry a heavy bag daily then it might lead to some serious health issues. Issues like Back pain, Shoulder pain, waist pain etc.

They Can Wrinkle Your Outfits –

Imagine ironing your clothes and getting all ready to your next meeting or a date and you find out that your shirt is all wrinkly from shoulders and back. At one point or the other you’ll find that your outfit has become wrinkled either at your back or on your shoulders. Again this does not happen regularly and mostly depends on the type of outfit you put on or on rare cases the type of backpack you carry on your back.

So that were the advantages and disadvantages about the Backpack. This would surely help you in decision making. Want to check out some great collections of backpacks? Checkout some Classic Backpacks from Harissons

Now coming towards the Messenger Bags. Let’s check out some pro’s and con of owning a Messenger Bag

Advantages of carrying a Messenger Bag

Ease of Access –

The best messenger bags in India are high quality, water resistant comes with a padded shoulder strap, Zip pocket, and contributes to the easy access, as well as the fact that it is worn on your side or front at waist level. Your belongings and valuables are always just a short reach away. Now you must not worry about the phone getting unattended because now you can answer your phone before it stops ringing.

Good Internal Organization –

Messenger bags online in India generally come with two compartments but with a large number of pockets to help you easily organize all of your belongings. They can be stored safely and accessed easily. Now you need not to worry about your keys or other stuff at the bottom of your bag for frustrating minutes

Looks Classy –

Generally laptop messenger bags for men and women can be smart and casual. You can take the bag to your office as well as a casual outings, hence making it one of the most popular and fashionable styles of bags around.

Disadvantages of carrying a Messenger

Frustrating Hauling

Imagine traveling in a crowded place with a Messenger Bag? Getting the point? No? Let’s elaborate this. The amount of convenience a person has while carry a backpack is just missing if you own a messenger bag. The ease of haul is just missing due to the nature of the bag

Bikers might find them uncomfortable –

Many people enjoy biking to work. However, bike rides can easily turn to a nightmare if you are not properly equipped. In this scenario a backpack would be a perfect choice.

It doesn’t distribute the weight

Unlike the backpacks the weight of the bag is totally only on one hand and hence it stresses and makes commuting very tiring if the bag is heavily loaded.

You can even checkout some hottest messenger bags


Conclusion –

Deciding what type of bag would be a perfect fit for you is totally dependent on your day to day usability. For instance if your only carry a small or a large laptop in an office environment then a messenger bag would be a perfect fit for you