November 27, 2019 4 min read

Ultimate Travel Accessories List you need in 2020

Are you a regular traveler? Regular backpacker? How often do you travel? Looking for a worry free traveling experience? See, Traveling is not really a hassle if you’re equipped properly. Having the right travel accessories can make all the difference, whether it’s a small office or a business trip or a two-week vacation. There’s a travel accessory for everyone on this list.

But before anything else, Congratulations!! Finally you are about to roam and explore the gorgeous world around you. Be it an Indian backpacker or any other globetrotter, if you are looking to buy the best travel accessories in India then this list will be particularly helpful.

Here we are going to introduce the list to buy travel accessories online. These travel tips help minimize the inevitable inconveniences with the right equipment.


1.      Passport Organizer -

This utility bag by Harissons keeps your travel documents organized and secure while on the roads.  Made out of polyester material, the high-quality passport organizer opens like a book. This helps in providing quick access to neatly stored items inside. It also has a durable zipper that makes sure your belongings are tightly secure.

The dimension of this product measures Length 25 cm X Height 13 cm X Width 2 cm. This passport travel organizer offers peace of mind, a compact take-along size, and provides ultimate comfort when it comes to commuting in savvy style.

That was the dimension and outer part of the product. Let us talk about the interiors.

Interior Pockets: The zippered organizer provides useful interior pockets to help keep important documents in order and easy to find. On one side, there are several dedicated slots that store credit cards, business cards, membership cards, punch cards, and more. A zippered mesh pocket right below the card-storage slots works well for coins, tokens, USB and other small loose items for easy access. On the other side, on top, there’s a pocket where you can store your ID card below which you can store your passport and a mess pocket right below it for visible access.

 It also has a full-length zippered pocket for a quick and easy storage for most sizes of paper currency. No more panicking as you pat down your pockets and dig through your bags. The organizer keeps the important info right within reach.


2.      Hard Case Gadget Organizer –

This excellent and elegant product has many names but it is usually used to store portable universal electronics. It is one of the best Travel Accessories in the list. The various other names include travel organizer, gadget organizer, cable organizer, electronic gadgets tools bag etc. etc.

It is made of heavy-duty material which is shock proof and water resistant. Organize your electronics and enjoy complete convenient while travelling. This electronics accessories travel organizer provides a flexible organization solution for your electronics and computer accessories. It helps in organizing with all the small electronics items and gadgets.

Protect your portable electronics accessories from shock, dirt and dump. It has Internal elastic loops and mesh pocket features. It comes with 9 Elastic loop and 2 Mesh Pocket. Elastic loops that are useful to holds all of your electronic accessories like GPS, small power bank, USB data cables, chargers cables, pen drive, pen and etc.

Product dimension: 22.86 CM Length X 16.51 CM Height X 7.62 CM Width. It comes with a one year manufacturing warranty


3.      Shoe Pouch –

How can the Best Travel Accessories List end without this one? Unless you clean your shoes every time, putting them in your luggage will get dirt on your belongings. This is where this classic travel shoe bag/pouch comes into play. Made of high-quality fabric, durable and water resistant, smooth two-way zippers it’s a good choice for traveler

These strong zippers are specialized and custom-made with high quality smooth zipper teeth. It zips up smoothly and durable. The center zipper design makes it easy to get items in and out. It also takes up minimum space in your suitcase or luggage. The Product dimensions is as followed - Length 32cm X Height 20cm X Width 16cm and also it just weighs 100gm. This product is one of the most important travel accessory for men and women


4.      Make-up Kit –

While putting on makeup is always fun, keeping your cosmetic collection organized can be stressful—especially if you don’t have one centralized space to store everything. This fabulous Make up kit by Harissons Bags will definitely keep everything organized. It provides ample space to fit in women cosmetics makeup essentials like Airbrush, hairbrushes, makeup brush, lipstick, eye shadow, skincare products, shampoo, creams, nail art products, jewelry, toiletry, travel accessories.

This travel beauty case is Lightweight, Portable & Easy to Carry which is Ideal for taking exactly what you need, anywhere, at any time. Our makeup organizer has a Water Resistant Material and as and when you’re done, all you have to do is pull the drawstring closed to safely store all your items. The makeup bag is also machine-washable, so it’s easy to clean if any spills or leaks occur.

It is one of the best travel accessories for women. The product dimensions include Length 18cm X Height 12cm X Width 6cm


5.      Foldable Digital Organizer –

This foldable gadget and electronics bag organizer is essential for keeping your electronics accessories well-organized and easy to access. This practically divided storage design helps you know exactly where every single item is. This helps in a way that you can grab the item you need without any effort. With our versatile electronics organizer, no more worrying about mess of your small items. Just enjoy your commute. This Foldable organizer can be easily tucked in your purse, backpack, laptop case, briefcase, luggage bag or suitcase.

Now talking about the design aspects of it. It has a very practical design that provides great flexibility for organizing your accessories. It has two large mesh pockets with zipper for external hard drive, power bank, cellphone or other items. 2 small pockets with zipper of equal size for secure storing of small items like SD card, SIM card etc. 2 medium sized pockets for charger, mouse, power adapter and more; 2 mesh pockets for mobile charger, earphones etc. 2 elastic loops for cables and other tools.