March 04, 2019 3 min read

Backpacks Vs Wheeled Bags: What’s Better

Chicken or Egg? United or City? Backpack or Wheels? Are all eternal discussions that require really careful consideration, for now, let’s just deal with our travel question.

There are so manybackpacks out there to help you carry around your belongings, that the range of options may get quite daunting. Backpack/luggage evolution has witnessed some creative ideas that one might have never thought of.

It may seem to be a little silly now for it took so long to put wheels on our luggage. However, it’s not as hard to select the right bag you’re looking for, and if you’re confused between a traditional backpack and a wheeled backpack the guide below can help you make that informed decision.

Perhaps one of the first frequently asked questions for every traveler is should I take a wheeled bag or a backpack, and what’s the difference? So let’s delve deep into theWheeled Bags vs Backpack discussion to know more.


For our Travel Enthusiasts

Whether it’s travelling with a shoulder bag, sling bag or just a usual backpack over a long distance, or by plane with a smaller backpack as a carry-on luggage, backpacks designed with portable style and extra compartments, do ensure a comfortable travel experience.

It also gives less strain on your body as they are designed for evenly distributing the load on your hips and shoulders, making it easy to carry.Probably the biggest benefit of using a backpack is the convenience in movement it offers as it gets easier to manoeuvre in a crowd when compared to most other types of luggage bags. 

If you don’t fancy carrying a bag on your back for long periods or suffer from back problems, luggage with wheels are always a good option. If you come under one of the aforementioned camps, one would probably be tempted to snap up awheeled bag for travelling, as you might decide that you would rather slide your luggage along for the majority of the time.

There are also some designs of wheeled bags that give the look of a travel backpack but incorporate the towing handle and wheels of a suitcase, which gives you the best of both worlds.

For the Professionals on the go

When it comes to office use, while you’re running to and fro from work 5 days a week, you’ll want something that keeps both your hands-free.

We would like to call it hands-free organisation, all of your office essentials are safely stored in a backpack, exactly where you need them, which means you can focus on that coffee you’re trying not to spill, notifications flashing up on your phone screen and the morning paper during your daily commute.

Talking about wheeled bags, one can use them as a carry-all for conferences or as arolling briefcase for meetings. Thanks to the extension handle, you can set a smaller bag on top of thewheeled roller.

If you’re travelling with a larger suitcase, you can use the slip strap to slide the extra bag securely over the handle of the wheeled bag!

For the students

College or School Bags help students to stay organized as it provides a portable holderfor school and college essentials.

Also, it permits students to keep books, school supplies and personal items like keys and cell phones in a readily accessible location. Zippered pouches and pockets help them organize their belongings that develop habits of neatness and order.

With the number of students getting their electronic gadgets to school on the rise, backpacks offer convenient space and storage for lightly weighted electronics.

Atrolley bag, on the other hand, with fixed back systems don’t allow students to adjust them to suit their height, so comfort can be an issue.

Also, with the addition of wheels and an extending handle, it’s no surprise that most of these tend to be around 3kg or more in weight. Professionals state that using a wheeled bag for children may tend to turn their spine while pulling a backpack behind them.

Final Thoughts on Backpacks vs Wheeled Bags   

As discussed, the choice between arolling bag and a backpack comes down to a personal preference.

So there are plenty of advantages to both backpacks and wheeled bags, they keep getting better with other aspects like lesser weight, reliable fabrics and high-performance features.

Browse through our range of Harissons bags forWheeled travel luggageas well as regularbackpacks , to get a glimpse of an exclusive collection of our stylishBags. It’s important to be sure one looks at all the other options before selecting on one.

Look for a bag that fits your requirements and try as many as possible to check what fits best and feels more comfortable.