March 04, 2019 3 min read

6 Of The Best Travel Bags For Easy Travel


A Backpack is more of a cloth sack carried on one’s back and secured with two straps that go over the shoulders, but there can be variations to this basic design. This type of luggage offers benefits like Equal weight distribution on the shoulders, walking up the stairs without having to haul luggage up the stairs.

Ideal for travelers who have numerous things to pack and wouldn’t want to strain their arms carrying a heavy bag. A lot of the times backpacks are worn as fashion accessories; in which they perform the same function as a handbag. There is a range of these bags, perfectly suited for children so that they do not have to struggle with the heavy luggage.


Your laptop is likely to be an expensive piece of equipment, so it pays to put the device in a carrying bag which will protect it sufficiently. Laptop backpack comes in a variety of designs. Some might offer you backstraps and others might not.

Laptop backpacks are designed with robust quality materials so that they can offer you durability to last long. A good laptop bag has at least one compartment to place the laptop charger and other gadgets in. Tested for strength and durability under the most stringent conditions, Harissons laptop bags are the perfect option for even the most hectic city travel that you could take on a daily basis.


Messenger bags need no introduction; they can be found just about everywhere in an urban setting nowadays. These are a safe bet when it comes to selecting an accessory that’s both practical and cool.

In case of a messenger bag, with all their inner compartments and pockets, it becomes a breeze to have quick access to an item you need right now. With a long shoulder strap, a messenger bag can be worn easily on the shoulder. It’s also more secure than traveling around with other wearable luggage. Perfect for people who want to carry a certain amount of items with them wherever they travel.

THE WHEELED DUFFEL BAG                    

If you’re heading out for a long trip, no other type of luggage beats a wheeled duffel bag for capacity and convenience. There’s plenty of room for you & your partner’s belongings and all the stuff you find along the way and can’t resist taking home.

Wheeled Duffel is made for the light and fast traveller & can also carry large shaped gear easily. Just like regular duffel bags, wheeled duffel bags also come with spacious compartments, to fit in everything you need for at least a long weekend. Used mainly by adventurers who like to carry their gears of varying sizes and shapes with them. The Dynamo Duffel is a 3-in-1 wheeled duffel that includes a shoulder strap as well as 2 backstraps so it can be used as a backpack.

DUFFEL TRAVEL BAG                    

Duffel bags are a must-have baggage item for travel. They make your belongings easy to access, and they’re also lightweight, making them easy to carry. Because duffel bags are so perfect for travel Duffle and a great option for planning your short trips, you can carry them around while traveling or while going to the gym. It carries all your gym essentials. The most important being multi-purpose it serves the variety and versatility of duffel bags make them the perfect luggage for many situations.
Duffel bags can assist you at any time you need to carry more than just your wallet and keys. No matter what you have planned, duffel bags are a handy piece of baggage to have around.


Most important thing while travelling with your friends or family is the luggage that you carry with you. If you are going for a long trip, look for a travel bag that is lightweight and also acts as a trolley bag. This trolley bags have more storage space to offer compared to other travel bags. An expander duffle trolley bag comes with spacious compartments and can be expanded up to 25% to fit everything you need.
Our trolley bags glides over all terrains and can be carried over the shoulder with a detachable shoulder strap. With the Duet expander trolley from Harissons you’ll have room for all the essentials and your favourite items too.

Finding a perfect backpack for your trip is itself a great task. At Harissons we have a wide range of backpacks with beautiful designs that give plenty of inspiration for you to plan out your next backpacking adventure around the world. We recommend you browsing through to get a glimpse of an exclusive collection of our stylish Backpacks.