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All weatherproof mask that helps you breathe easy, indoors or outdoors. 7-layer filtration system that blocks dust, bacteria, viruses, droplets, microbes, allergens and other dangerous particulates.
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7 layer filtration system

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1. 7-Layer filtration system consists of : An outer layer Air Mesh (for large dust particles), A middle layer Spunbond and Meltblown Fabric (5 layered 100% Polypropylene nonwoven fabric for filtration of bacteria up to 3 microns and viruses up to 0.3 microns) An inner layer Soft Blended Fabric to protect your skin!
2. Protects against infectious diseases caused by transmission through droplets from coughing, sneezing, and speaking.
3. In-built adjustable nose-strip for easy breathing.
4. Soft elastic ear loops for comfortable long duration use.

How to use


In light of new data about how COVID-19 pandemic, along with evidence of widespread COVID-19 illness in communities across the country, we recommend that people wear a mask to cover their nose and mouth in the community setting. This is to protect people around you and slow the spread if you are infected but do not have symptoms. It is a perfect Mask for Coronavirus

It should be worn whenever people are in a community setting, especially in situations where you may be near people. These settings include grocery stores and pharmacies. These face coverings are not a substitute for social distancing. These masks are especially important to wear in public in areas of widespread COVID-19 illness. Therefore buy mask online to protect yourself from the virus.

The first layer is Air-mesh fabric to filter large dust particles. The inner layer (that touches the face) is a soft-blended fabric that protects your tender skin and comes with an anti-microbial finish that kills bacteria that come in contact with it. The middle layer is a “Spunmelt” or simply a Meltblown Composite Fabric that is made of 3 beams of Spunbond and 2 beams of Meltblown made using “Spunmelt” technology, making it a 5-layered 100% Polypropylene nonwoven fabric that has a BFE of 99.67% and a PFE of up to 95%. This fabric is manufactured using the latest generation technology, ‘Reicofil 4s’ by Reifenhauser, Germany using high quality raw material from only the leading global suppliers. All 7 layers of the mask work in harmony to block dust and pollution and fight off bacteria and viruses. Hence if you're looking for face mask with filters then Ultrarmour is the one to go after. It is also available in other colors. Red, Blue and Black pollution masks etc.

Yes. Wearing your mask is an additional public health measure people should take to reduce the spread of COVID-19. Harissons still recommends that you stay at least 6 feet away from other people (social distancing), frequent hand cleaning and other everyday preventive actions. This mask is not intended to protect the wearer, but it may prevent the spread of virus from the wearer to others. This would be especially important if someone is infected but does not have symptoms.

Surgical masks and N95 respirators are in short supply and should be reserved for healthcare workers or other medical first responders.

These Masks are hand washable, and should then be hung to dry. Do not machine wash or machine dry as this can damage the filters. You can find the washing instructions are on the back of the packaging. Wash the mask by gently massaging with warm soapy water, rinse gently and leave to hang dry. This will remove dirt, makeup and dust, however, please note it will not extend the life of the filters. We do not recommend you to microwave the mask or wash the mask in boiling water as you may burn your hands.

Patients without symptoms pose a risk of infecting others, so it’s not enough to wait until you have symptoms to wear a mask. Few recent studies show that nearly half of patients are infected by people who do not themselves have symptoms—thus they aren’t even coughing or sneezing yet, but they can spread the disease just by talking in close proximity to someone else.

WHO says “if you are healthy, you only need to wear a mask if you are taking care of a person with COVID-19”. WHO also says that “Studies of influenza, influenza-like illness, and human coronaviruses provide evidence that the use of a medical mask can prevent the spread of infectious droplets from an infected person to someone else and potential contamination of the environment by these droplets.” Remember, you don’t know if you’re healthy, and you don’t know if the people that you’re with are healthy either. So, to follow WHO’s guidelines, you really need to be wearing a mask when around others.

Moderate facial hair will not affect the comfort of the mask. It is one of the perfect face mask for men.

Before touching the mask wash your hands with soap or an alcohol-based sanitizer; Use the ear loops to hold the mask and place concave side over mouth and nose; Adjust the bendable nose strip to ensure the right fit and to avoid any leakages. 

There are various types of masks, Ultrarmour is a cloth face mask which is re-suable and washable up to 30 times. We use the same filtration material called SSMMS (5 layer COMPOSITE OF SPUNBOND AND MELTBLOWN NON WOVEN MATERIAL) that does all the work in blocking particulates and viruses that are up to 0.3 micron in size with an efficiency of 95%. This mask does not block the corona virus 100% (none of the masks do, not even N95 or N99 masks) but reduces the probability of getting infected considerably (as much as the N95 masks). The main difference between our mask and N95 / KN95 masks are that ours is cloth based and cloth masks are washable/re-usable.

After 30 washes the filtration loses its efficiency but otherwise you can keep on using till the mask wears off. It will still be able to block dust particles and smoke, but will not remain efficient enough to block bacteria and viruses and other tiny particulates.

The Ultrarmour Face Mask is designed to fit most adults (male/female) above the age of 18. Since the size of faces vary, we have an adjustable nose strip that you can adjust around your nose to make the mask fit properly enabling it to become more efficient and comfortable at the same time.

All the masks are manufactured in hygienic facilities that are certified GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and go through multiple quality checkpoints. Hot air is blown on each mask to blow away any dust particles and UV treated to kill any bacteria if present, before it is put into a clean poly bag that is heat sealed to avoid contamination.

Wearing a face masks reduces your risk of contacting with the Virus but also works as an anti pollution mask. Air pollution causes various damage to the skin and small particles stick your face causing damage. Now using this to cover your face helps you stay protected from the dust, pollution and oily skin. No need to buy pollution mask separately. This masks works as a face masks and if your looking to buy face mask online then Ultrarmour is the one to go for because it is one of the best face mask for virus protection.


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