Executive Office Bags

Executive Office Bags


The struggle over the Best Office bag for men is a toughy. Ideally, you only want to bring one bag to work and you might prefer a certain style, but there’s a chance that bag could be impractical for your lifestyle or you might have to compromise with the functionality if you choose it according to your lifestyle.

Worry no more as Harissons Bags has Range of Office Bags for Men and Women.

What does a Perfect Executive Bag look like?

Well, it depends.

To select a Buy office bags you must first understand your requirements and your lifestyle. Here are few questions that you can ask yourself.

Do you need a Laptop Bag?

Nowadays, most of us carry a laptop to our work place and there are a lot of bags that come with a laptop bag but the question is which one should you choose? Answer - Choose a Bag that only fits your Laptop but also protects it.

Commuting is inevitable and commuting in a metropolitan region is a real headache due to the crowded transport. So, a bag that protects your Laptop is a must!

Make sure that the bag has Layered cushion compartment that absorbs the potential force so that you can commute freely and you have various color variants to choose from

How many Liters Office Bag do I need?

Many of us wonder what are liters and why does it matter? To answer this in a simple language - The Storage Capacity of a particular backpack is defined in liters. Therefore, Storage Capacity = Liters. Sling bags are the bags that comes with a minimum capacity of 10-14 Liters, the most traditional and classic backpacks comes with a storage capacity of 25 to 30L. These are the backpacks that we usually carry school and colleges. There are also some backpacks that are above 30L and beyond.

Therefore it comes back to your daily lifestyle and the things that you carry on a daily basis. Also, remember that if you have a 15.6 inch laptop than its possible that it would not fit in a 25L backpack.

So what is the size of your laptop? Do you carry anything else?

Should I get a Messenger Bag or a Laptop Bag?

We've all heard the debates about MAC vs Windows, IOS vs Android, PC Gaming vs Console Gaming but what about Messenger Bags vs Laptop Bags?

To answer this question lets check out the Pro's of both the products

Messenger Bags Pros

  1. Easy Access to your valuables
  2. Good Internal Organization
  3. Classy look
  4. Comfortable Shoulder Strap

Backpack Pros

  1. Multi Purpose
  2. Easy Hauling
  3. Time Efficient

Here are the pros of backpacks and messengers. Also, it depends on the person. If you've always used a Backpack then using a adjustable shoulder bag for the first time might feel a bit uncomfortable. It totally depends on the Lifestyle and Needs of the person.

Leather Office Bag or Normal Bag?

Over the years the Leather Laptop Bag is preferred by people over any other bag because of its Benefits to the user. A Canvas or any other bag on the other hand has been preferred too but it has its own benefits and uses.

Lets checkout the pros and cons of these bags

Leather Bags Pro's

  1. It is durable, high quality raw materials that lasts for years
  2. Sturdy and perfect for rough handling
  3. It does not get dirty
  4. It gets refined looks as the year passes by

Other Material Bags

  1. Lighter and easy to carry
  2. Eco Friendly
  3. Maintenance is low

These are the few questions that you can ask yourself when you are ready to get yourself an office bag online that would accompany your way towards success.

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