July 17, 2019 2 min read

Here's why you need a Rain Cover for your Backpack

It's that time of the year when the rain comes pouring and roaring. Things can get ugly if you have to commute to work, especially when living in a Metro city! We all carry a lot of valuable stuff in our backpacks. Things like books, files and folders, and expensive stuff like our laptops, cell phones, tablets, power banks, and other gadgets!

Thanks to the invention of the rain cover we finally have a solution to protect our gadgets and valuables and remain unphased and stress less about the potential damage from the rains. Sadly, there are still many urban nomads that are not aware of this amazing creation and fail to protect the priceless stuff in their backpacks...

In this blog, we will be highlighting three reasons why you need a rain cover for your backpack.

Let's begin!

1. Keeps your Gadgets Safe and Dry

Yes, most backpacks are water-resistant but they are not completely water-proof. Therefore, during heavy rains water will find its way and there's a high chance that your valuables may get damaged. Thus, we do need an extra layer of protection between the backpack and your essentials.

Also, if you use public transport on a daily basis then without a shadow of a doubt you really need a rain cover because it completely erases the stress of removing and wearing windcheaters...

2. It's Easy to Carry 

Rain covers are light in weight and extremely compact once packed in the pouch. Check out this Rain Cover by Harissons. It only weighs around 70 grams. But the amount of potential protection it offers is priceless. Once folded, the rain cover fits into a pouch of size 10cm X 15cm X 3cm and barely takes up any space in your backpack. The pouch can be used separately as storage and as an additional protector for your smartphone as it is made out of the same waterproof fabric of the rain cover!


3. A Perfect Camping Partner

Monsoon season might be a challenge for urban office commuters. But this season makes you wanna escape the city life and head out for a trek for sure! The size of the Rain cover is 38cm X 53cm and fits well on trekking bags up to 40 Liters in size. Exploring can be fun and stress-free if you are not stressed about your backpack's contents getting wet. So, worry not, and have fun, that too, a lot!

Rain covers are designed to make your life easier. Say no to those traditional windcheaters while exploring as they limit the fun of getting wet while trekking and hiking!

So now you know why you need rain covers in the monsoon.

So for this season we are definitely equipped. Are you?