January 24, 2019 4 min read

Being the backpack specialists, over the years, we have frequently seen people selecting the wrong bags for themselves. Very often, buyers select a backpack online, without taking a few minutes to understand exactly what they need. Wouldn’t it be great to stay informed and avoid making a wrong purchase? So here’s our guide to the faux pas we commonly make when purchasing our backpacks.

Common Mistakes To Avoid When Buying A Backpack


It’s the first thing we often miss. A high-quality backpack could last for years. One may select a lighter bag to reduce the load, which may not be durable enough. As a result of which, you might have to throw it away after initial use. Every different material like polyester, cloth nylon, and others have their utility and drawbacks. It’s important to research on what type of backpack material would best suit your need.

Also, the packs that have a stabilizer strap, shoulder harness, might not suit your body type. Also, a backpack that fits a man might not necessarily be a right fit for a woman’s body.

How many of us have been guilty of leaving the marketplace or house loaded with numerous items? Yes, we too have been there done that, but you do not want this to limit your maneuvering abilities, which is why having a reliable and strong backpack is always a good call.


Backpacks aren’t one-size fits all. People fail to understand the perfectly-suited size for their use and often end up with extra small or large backpacks. Extra-large bags are difficult to carry and won’t distribute weight evenly, exposing your back to strained muscles. Whereas small bags fail to carry all your daily essentials.

When worn properly, your pack should go from the top of the hips to the base of your neck and should be large enough to carry all the items you need to take with you. It’s always a good idea to check out the compartments and pockets to see whether they are able to properly accommodate all your essentials.

Our advice when it comes to the size of the pack is don’t try stuffing everything in the bag. If done so, its prone to wear and tear more rapidly. Overstuffing your backpack can also lead to uneven distribution of weight and can result in back problems.

Every brand has its own specifications for the torso length they are compatible to. Vendors should be able to lay out the information about the backpacks they sell, and this information could also be found on the manufacturer’s website. If the size fits perfect but the bag still doesn’t feel right, it’s time to return it and try out another model or manufacturer.


Many don’t look into the brands, which is another mistake. The brand of your backpack reflects its price, quality, and durability. Bags of local and unestablished brands are cheaper compared to the better known branded backpacks.

Talking about style, our world is getting updated by the day and so are our stylish backpacks. You would not want your friends to call you old- fashioned, would you? Also, a good warranty period is a sign of a trusted brand, if you want one to ensure your bag lasts for a good amount of time you should look out for a guaranteed product.


There are a variety of backpacks available online. If one is in a scramble, the impulse is always to pick one that’s “good enough” or “just okay”. However, if one’s just starting to purchase backpacks, the practical thing to consider is the kind of trip that you are taking it to.

There is no such thing as multitasking backpack. The type of bag depends on the trip duration and nature of the activity. When you are out hiking, you might need to carry trekking poles, climbing cords, hiking boots. Regular backpacks aren’t able to store all this equipment properly and therefore you buy rucksacks that provide you with your needed additions.


Buyers often don’t focus on the straps of the backpack and end up with thin straps that can cut into the skin. On the other hand, padded straps provide extra comfort on the shoulders and can be adjusted according to your convenience, for proper fitting. It’s tied across the stomach or along the shoulders, depending on the type of backpack.

The other feature people often ignore is the waterproofness of their bags. Travelling without a waterproof bag in the rainy season can get really annoying or one might face difficulty while crossing a stream or river when on a hike. Hence it’s essential to get a waterproof bag for the worst possible situation.

Certain activities need streamlined backpacks. However, even if the activity won’t be affected by the number of pockets having too many can lead to issues with weight, due to the urge to fill all the pockets as well as the extra material. An exterior mesh pocket to hold a water bottle is a terrific thing but a separate pocket for cell phones may not be useful enough, and if it isn’t, avoid it.


You wouldn’t want to ruin your fun trip just because of a wrong backpack, would you? Explore our wide range of stylish backpacks to find the best one for you. If you are a frequent traveler, a good travel backpack will be your best friend for life.

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