Shoe Pouch

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Bubble Weight

Easy Grab Handle

Quick Access Front Pocket

  • A stylish and hygienic way to store and carry your shoes/sandals/stilettos and slippers along with socks or a shoe care kit.
  • Use this to keep your shoes/sandals/stilettos/slippers during travel.
  • It has three compartment - 1 large section for a pair of shoes, 1 slim section for slippers & 1 small section for socks/shoe care kit.
  • It has a handle strap to carry around.
  • Designed to hold unisex footwear, Transparency for easy identification. Small convenient, easy to wash pouch, take minimum space in a travel bag. Ultra-lightweight.


  1. LxHxW ( 32cm X 20cm X 16cm )
  2. Volume capacity - 10 L
  3. Material - Polyester
  4. Weight - 100gm
  5. Warranty - 1 Year on All Manufacturing Defects
  6. No of Pockets - 2
  7. No of Compartments - 0